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Our First Arcade Game

Making our Nostalgia an Indie Project

Star Loop is our first retro futuristic game, which brings some of the old fashioned mechanisms from the 80’s to the new era, which is where everything started.

Glowing Voxel Art

Crafting 3D Cubic Models

Inspired by the growing Voxel-Art style with 3D Graphic effects and post production filters, particles and light effects, we are crafting a new style, influenced by the best retro games.


Shoot Them All!

Pure Arcade

In deep space, asteroids and enemy spaceships can destroy you. Shoot them all! Plus, perform barrel rolls and direction changes through the stars to win! This game mixes a retro arcade soul, beautiful voxels and stunning synthwave music.


Choose Your Ship

Three Different Types

Choose any of the three handmade voxel ships which brings a unique experience to this game due their different features. Rookies must start with "Arrowing", since it is easier to drive and has more energy. Once you have already mastered this ship, you can try the more powerful ones : "The Hollower" and "Zuckerneser", both of them sponsored by our social network spaces. If you become a follower we will be forever grateful ;-)


Kraftum Games

Our Indie Studio


Project Team

A brand new game studio, which links a few people cut from the same cloth

Game Design

Voxel Art

Synthwave Music