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Classic Pixel Art

8bits Inspired Sprites

Inspired by the classic pixel-art style with some post production filters and particles effects, the art of this game honors our favourite retro games.


Action Arcade Game

In the old China, Kung Fu was the true language to deal with enemies.

Beat them all just touching the right direction and timing. Plus, perform perfect hits to execute powerful attacks, and survive to hordes of dangerous fighters! This game mixes a retro arcade soul, wonderful pixel art, and awesome synthwave music. Achieve the maximum score, and finish all the challenging missions.


Suit Up!

More than 24 Different Suits

if you earn enough coins during your fights, you can use them to buy new and stunning suits for your figther. These suits are inspired by the greatest martial artists of all the time. Put one of them on, and become unstoppeable ;-)


Kraftum Games

Our Indie Studio


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